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What is your purpose?

For a long time, I didn't know how to answer this question.

Perhaps it was to be a multi-million-dollar sales rep (my former corporate role), maybe it was to be a great mom and have the picture-perfect family,

or perhaps I had to do something public and splashy to have a

meaningful purpose on this earth.

With each chapter in my life, I re-considered this question.

Always looking outside of myself to find what the answer.

Inside my coach training, my mentor shared with me that when it comes to our purpose, it is simple.

Our purpose is to simply live as the fullest, truest, expression of ourselves.

And that we can use the different outlets of our lives – relationships, parenthood, career, friendships, etc. - to fully express this.

Talk about a weight lifted off my shoulders!

As someone who for so long looked outward to find purpose, this definition hit so deeply and felt so right.

Hearing this gave me permission to look inward for my purpose, versus what had been my M.O. of grasping outwardly at what I ‘should’ be doing.


Now, my focus is showing up as my truest authentic self.

For more and more moments each and every day.

Ensuring that I am using my values to make my next steps and choices in my life.

Knowing that if my tiny steps are anchored in what matters to me most, then it is the right step for me.

* Creating meaningful connections, spending time with those I love most and telling people how much they mean to me.

* Giving love and receiving love, freely.

* Honouring myself, my feelings, and others in integrity.

* Constantly learning, growing, evolving, and doing better.

* Creating space and freedom in my life, to live the vision that I hold in my heart.

* Holding those around me as equals – whole, capable, resourceful and creative.

My purpose is to live my life on purpose.

And I know that with each small, silent, values-aligned step I take, I am expanding and living deeper and more fully into my purpose.

If the life you live is the legacy you leave, then my purpose it to live my life to its fullest to show others that this is possible.

Sending loves,

Pamela x

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