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The Year of BE-ing

The new year often brings up talk of change, reinvention and executing on goals and priorities. There can be a lot of hype in this first month to hammer out what you're doing and how you will do it, to create change and then go like mad to execute.

This can bring about a sense of urgency, a forceful energy that if we fail to 'meet' can set us up for disappointment.

This year, I’m widening my lens to let in a new perspective.

What if there was no need to change or reinvent?

What if we could be content with who we are in this moment?

This year, what if we allowed ourselves to just BE.

Be who we are.

Be in the moment.

Be with our thoughts and feelings.

Be present.

Be loved.

Being is something I’m working on this year.

It’s easy to want to 'do', feeling the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ of parenting, business, and life in general. There is always something to do.

The list will always be there.

Having goals and a framework is essential to progress and achieving success, AND we also need a good mix of being.

To really feel grounded and show up as my highest self, I know that there needs to be more 'being' sprinkled through my days. Time to think, process, create, ideate, rest and take in love and heal.

It is then from the being, that we can truly feel inspired to do.

How can you Be more and Do less this year? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you love, abundance and joy for 2023.

Sending loves,

Pamela x

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